Benefits of Hydroponic Gardening

29 Aug

The vertical herb garden refers to the cultivation of plants where the roots are placed in a liquid nutrient solution instead of growing them in the soil, in other words, the soilless growing of plants. Hydroponics gardening offers an opportunity to maximize and ensure efficient use of space in a greenhouse and a chance to try a new gardening strategy. Instead of the plants drawing the nutrients they require for growth from the soil, the roots get nutrients from a solution containing all the necessary nutrients. 

The plant roots are exposed to the nutrient solution in three major ways; misting, suspension or flooding. Hydroponics offers a variety of benefits and advantages over conventional gardening options whether you are an experienced gardener or a beginner.

Efficient and maximized use of hydroponic garden is the first advantage of hydroponic gardening. Plants with small root systems can be grown extremely close together and the system allows for stacking of the beds to further increase growing space. This may lead to an increase in yield in the same space you used for gardening before. Hydroponic gardens can also be set up anywhere even in urban areas with virtually no garden space. You can start a hydroponics garden on your balcony or even indoors with lighting.

Hydroponic gardening is affordable to start and maintain. This is partly due to the fact that you can set up a system of any size favorable to you. The steps to set up the system are easy to follow and can suit any budget. Although hydroponic gardens mainly use water, it has been shown that they can use up to ten percent less water when compared to conventional soil-based gardening methods. Due to the exposure of the plant roots to air during the growth period, the growth rate of the plants is greatly improved. Hydroponic gardening also gives you full control of the growth nutrients the plants get. Developing a good balance of nutrients necessary for each growth stage of the plants will also result in more productivity. Read this article about vegetables: 

Indoor hydroponic system offer controlled all the growth aspects including temperature, pests, fungi and other plant diseases. This eliminates the need to purchase insecticides, fungicides and other control chemicals hence it is cheaper, simpler and, the produce is free of chemicals. It is also considerably easier to flush the system and start fresh in case of anything. Hydroponics gardening also proves to be less labor intensive since you do not have to tend to the soil, for example, there are no weeds, no tilling of the soil and no heavy lifting involved. It has also been observed that plants grown in hydroponics systems are healthier and have better nutritional value.

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